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tim robbo

2019-02-02 08:50:04 | Profile
How I felt 3 times now have been cheated on

Mirchea Ghoty

2018-11-01 00:49:45 | Profile
This song is an amazing piece. I

Vidal Steele

2018-10-30 12:44:48 | Profile
would total do that if my boyfriend ever did this. defiantly need to be for hire.


2018-10-29 21:08:17 | Profile
I went to tyler far concert in Tennessee it was lit he sang this and his band was great

Rafael P.S.

2018-10-25 22:58:30 | Profile
That girl is messed up!!!!! Tyler is way better than that dude! I agree with you Mr. Benfeild.

Alex Krug

2018-10-07 10:24:19 | Profile
3.39 you can hear dirt road anthem give like if you agree


2018-09-24 21:24:33 | Profile
"I would shoot the lights out of your silverado."


2018-09-10 11:59:04 | Profile
Check out Leroy the crazy eyed red neck and you can win confederate money.

Brandon Weir

2018-09-06 19:51:43 | Profile
This is a good song during the summer and fall because it has a fiting song in those seasons.


2018-09-01 04:12:06 | Profile
instead of it being some nerdy guy it should be some brown boy wana be gangster. Thats more realistic to who she would be with. All the shallow girls around cali love brown guys with tatts lol.