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MiMi U

2019-07-10 07:50:15 | Profile
da fuq this the first trap rap but on high pro skill ever exists O.o ???

Su Bauli

2018-11-01 09:21:40 | Profile
Jesus Christ will not let you down this song is awesome stay strong DMX

Spectrum World

2018-10-31 22:45:17 | Profile
AMEN BROTHER. Been using this song for strength for years. Really speaks to me.


2018-10-17 08:10:46 | Profile
Deus e pai stay strong dmx

Dwayne Robertson

2018-10-11 13:15:12 | Profile
I got to say when i listen this song it helps me from really wanting to take a rd of disstruction that will have a bad ending for me and for the ones around who really do love me and care bout me i give DMX full respect and salute him for a great job he did by putting the message out in his songs and i really got to say the Lord got u X keep trusting and believing and am sure u help others to do the same when there life was take a bad turn i got nothing but respect and mad love for Darkman X he help me out alot when i start listening his songs.....

Rachel Diane

2018-09-29 21:58:01 | Profile
i listend the x i peepd the bars


2018-09-29 00:06:08 | Profile
In the name of Jesus!

gelvis lora

2018-09-21 21:02:59 | Profile
When jesus forms a street gang lol